Biomedical Innovation

Biomedical Innovation for the 21th Century

– Between the Semmelweis University (SU) and Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU) –


  • Béla Merkely (SU)
  •  András Laki (PPCU)


  • Imre J. Barabás (SU)

Delivery method

Face-to-Face course with an attendance sheet

Lecture Hour

Wednesday, 4:15-6:00 PM

Lecture Room

Basic Medical Science Center – Békésy (C) lecture hall

Course description and objectives

The course is an interdisciplinary introduction to clinically oriented medical research, engineering innovation, and its applications in healthcare. This course is highly recommended for those who want to know more about how to combine the fundamentals of the biomedical sciences with advanced engineering. Gain more insight into the analysis and design methods to design new medical instruments and devices, understand and repair the human body, and make technologies cost-effective for both companies and patients.

The course does not require any engineering or previous medical experience; this course is designed for students with basic biophysical and/or biological medical knowledge.

Q&A results


The task of the exam is to write an essay of 1500-2000 words on a topic of your choice. The essay subject can be from what you have heard during the course or your own area of interest. Please download the requirements list for more information.

The DEADLINE in May 17. of 2023

Essay requirements:

Essay example:


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FEB 22, 2023
Microfluidics for diagnostics and therapy
  • Imre J. Barabás (SU)
  • András Laki (PPCU)
MAR 01, 2023
Recent advances in biomedical engineering
  • Béla Merkely (SU)
  • György Cserey (PPCU)
MAR 08, 2023
Biological modells to diagnostics
  • Balázs Győrffy (SU)
  • Attila Csikász Nagy (PPCU)
MAR 22, 2023
Biosignal processing for personalized treatment
  • Péter Banczerowski (SU)
  • István Ulbert (PPCU)
MAR 29, 2023
Innovation in pharmaceutical research
  • István Antal (SU)
  • Francisak Erdő Vidáné (PPCU)
APR 05, 2023
Advances in bioimage processing
  • Kálmán Czeibert (LimesVET)
APR 12, 2023
3D printing for healthcare applications
  • Anna Sebestyén (SU)
  • Dániel Palkovics (PPCU)
APR 19, 2023
  • Miklós Kellermayer (SU)
  • Zoltán Gáspári (PPCU)
APR 26, 2023
Robotics for healthcare: robotics surgery from minimal invasive surgery to DaVinci
  • Attila Szijártó (SU)
  • Benedek Tasi (PPCU)
MAY 03, 2023
Tips and trics for the future healthcare professionals
  • Pál Maurovich-Horvath (SU)
  • András Horváth (PPCU)
MAY 10, 2023
Artificial intelligence and robotics revolution in healthcare
  • Aron Ghimessy (SU)
  • Kristóf Karacs (PPCU)
MAY 17, 2023
From intellectual properties to university spin-off companies
  • Péter Ferdinándy (SU)
  • Gyula Szigeti (SU)
MAY 23, 2023
Demonstration of selected projects
  • Gyula Szigeti (SU)
  • Imre J. Barabás (SU)
  • András Laki (PPCU)
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